Top 10 Payment Gateways in India 2023 | For E-Commerce Business

By | March 28, 2023
Best Payment Gateways in India

A merchant service administered by e-commerce application service providers is known as a payment gateway.

These kinds of services are provided with the help of authorizing payments processing directly or credit cards which can be provided to its customers by a bank or other financial service providers.

Given the times it is important to take the help of such service providers for fast and secure payments.

Whether you have started a small business or start-up, you need to find the Best Payment Gateway in India for you and your customer’s convenience.

Here we are to help you find the best payment gateway in India 2023.

List of Best Payment Gateways in India –

1. Instamojo

With INSTAMOJO payment gateway service, it is quite easy to make a new account for any new merchant to collect its payment as it lets you create a new account immediately. It is one of the best payment gateways in India with a very reasonable price.

instamojo payment gateway


  • It doesn’t support international payments and credit cards.
  • Doesn’t support multi-currency.
  • It supports Indian currency only.
  • They offer customer support only on working days.
  • Start receiving payments instantly after registering.
  • It supports CMS systems such as Mageno, Prestashop, etc.

Charges & Fess

  • It has no annual maintenance charges.
  • It charges 2% + Rs.3 per transaction.


The best part about INSTAMOJO is that you can start collecting payments immediately after successfully registering in it and it also doesn’t charge any annual maintenance fee. INSTAMOJO is one of the best payment gateways for word press. It even provides a sign-up bonus of RS.500 and other cashback offers to its new customers.

2. CC Avenue

If you are looking for a payment gateway service in India that provides a wide-ranging payment option then CC AVENUE is the right choice for you. It supports 27 major currencies and provides 200+ payment options such as Diners, Amex, Master Card, and so on.


  • It supports a multi-currency payment gateway and lets you represent your product in any number of currencies.
  • It supports 27 major currencies such as the EURO, BAHT, CANADIAN DOLLAR, INDIAN RUPEE, SWISS FRANC, HONG KONG DOLLAR, and so on.
  • Withdrawal fees are not charged on International Tuesday and domestic Friday.
  • It settles the payments on a weekly basis.
  • It provides 24*7 customer support.
  • It has mobile integration app in android, ios, and windows.

Charges & Fess

  • It charges 2% per transaction on domestic cards, wallets, IMPS, and UPI.
  • It charges 3% per transaction on international credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and more.
  • Extra taxes are also applicable from time to time.
  • It has no setup fee but charges Rs.1200 as an annual maintenance fee.


The best part about CC AVENUE is that it allows a multilingual payment page in 18 languages. It is one of the best payment gateways for WordPress. CC AVENUE provides a pricing bonus offer @ 1.75% as sign-up bonus to its new customers. Sign up now and grab the deal!


PayU Money payment Getaway Service is one of the most popular online accepting payments applications. It is easy to use and requires minimum effort to login/sign up and you can do anytime payouts in bulk using NEFT, IMPS, or UPI. It offers payment acceptance in 100+ foreign currencies. It is a secure way of accepting payments and you can start it anytime on your Smartphone.

pay u money payment gateway


  • No withdrawal fees are taken by PayU Money.
  • It supports credit card/ International Payments.
  • It supports Domestic credit cards through the medium of Visa/Amex Credit Cards/Diners/Rupay.
  • Good customer support.
  • PayUmoney is known as the best payment gateway for Shopify.
  • Requires a general list of documents.
  • Its transaction process starts from 5 to 7 days.
  • It supports all major CMS systems.
  • It supports Multi-currency.
  • Its app is supported in Android, Windows, and ios.

Charges & Fess

  • It charges 2% + GST per transaction.
  • It charges 3% + GST per transaction for American Express and Diners Cards and international payments.
  • No annual maintenance charges are taken by PayU Money.


PayUmoney is known among one of the best payment gateways for word press. To reward its customers better PayUmoney has come up with a brilliant scheme of offering Rs. 100 for survey undertaken by their customers. Besides it, they even provide movie ticket vouchers and other offers.

4. Razorpay

razorpay payment gateway

RAZORPAY has emerged as quite an impactful payment gateway service provides with its product suite. It provides an enormous amount of access to payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, Airtel Money, Jio Money, UPI, PayZapp, Ola Money, Mobiwik, PayUmoney, and net banking. You can accept, disburse, and process payments securely here.


  • It doesn’t support Multi-currency.
  • No withdrawal fees.
  • It supports international payments and credit cards.
  • It provides 24*7 customer care support.
  • It takes 3 days settlement duration in your connected account.
  • It supports Shopify, woo-commerce, Magneto, CS-Cart, Opencart, WordPress, Prestashop, and other major e- commerce CMS system.

Charges & Fess

  • It takes zero annual maintenance.
  • It charges 2% per transaction.
  • It charges 3% per international transactional cards EMI and Amex.
  • It charges 18% GST application for the transaction fee.
  • There are no hidden charges or set up fees.


RAZORPAY is well known for being one of the best payment gateways for word press.  Razor pay Affiliate partner program has been launched by RAZORPAY in order to attract more customers to earn and get benefitted from the affiliated program.

5. PayPal 

Everyone is familiar with the name of PayPal Global payment gateway Service. It is available in 200+ countries and is used by over 173 million customers worldwide. If you are dealing with international customers regarding your business then PayPal is the best Payment Gateway Service for you.


  • PayPal doesn’t support Indian currency so you need to choose any other international currency as the base of your transaction.
  • It supports over 100 currencies worldwide and lets you keep your earnings as a merchant in 57 currencies.
  • PayPal doesn’t charge any withdrawal fee but you need to get Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate as a testimony for every inward remittance entering India.
  • Payment settlements are done on daily basis.
  • It requires fewer documents for the documentation process.
  • It supports the most popular CMS systems.
  • PayPal has ios ad android mobile app integration.

Charges & Fess

  • It charges no annual maintenance fees.
  • It charges 4.4%+ US$.30+ conversions charges per transaction.


The only problem with PayPal is that an Indian company cannot support credit cards through PayPal so merchants can use PayPal only to receive funds from foreign customers. You can start doing transactions in the PayPal payment gateway service almost immediately after a successful registration. It is known as one of the best payment gateways for websites. PayPal even offers 5$ to sign up to their new customers. Hurry up! Sign up now to avail the offer!


PAYTM is considered one of the best payment gateway in India. It has become a popular medium of payment transactions because of its ‘Paytm cash’ wallet. This is the best payment gateway service in India for small businesses.


  • It supports domestic and international cards such as Visa, Amex, Master, Discover, Maestro, and Diners.
  • It supports Credit cards and international payment.
  • It doesn’t support multi-currency transactions.
  • It provides 24*7 customer support.
  • It is available as mobile app integration on Android as well as iOS.
  • It supports e-commerce CMS systems such as an open cart, Zencart, Gravity forms, Easy Digital, Moodle, Ubercart, and many more.

Charges & Fess

  • No withdrawal fee is charged by Paytm.
  • It charges Rs.5000 as an initial setup fee.
  • It charges Rs. 5000 for Annual Maintenance.
  • It charges 1.99% per transaction on Visa, Maestro, Master, RuPay, JCB, Diners, and  ExoClick.


Paytm is one of the best payment gateways for WordPress. Paytm payment gateway service offers various cashback schemes and policies for its customers. It offers Rs. 50 on when you sign up and even offers various cashback schemes on the basis of the transactions you make in the ‘New offers’ section. Sign up now and enjoy your cashback offers.

7. HDFC Payment Gateway

HDFC payment gateway is the most secure and genuine service provider in India which supports 16 international currencies and is Master card/ visa compliant enabling you to spread your business globally.


  • It accepts 16 currencies.
  • It provides 24*7 customer support.
  • It supports all major cards such as Visa, Discover, Maestro, Diners, RuPay, and so on.
  • It has mobile integration app.
  • It supports both domestic and international transactions.
  • It supports credit cards, debit cards, and EMI.

Charges & Fess

  • It charges 2.75% per international and commercial transaction.
  • It charges basic service charges o Rs. 99 per month.
  • Its charges on maximum limits vary as per the amount.


HDFC payment gateway offers 2000 reward points to its customers after successful registration. It even provides 5% cash back on credit cards and various cash back and discount offers.


Recommended by most of the top companies, PAYUBIZ is a part of Naspers and a well-known name in the field of best payment gateway services. Most of the top companies use PAYUBIZ as a medium of transaction. Some of such companies are Zomato, Jabong, Snapdeal, GoIbibo,  Cleartrip, Redbus, and more.


  • It supports domestic payments and credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Diners, and more.
  • It takes no withdrawal fee.
  • The customer care support is quite busy.
  • It requires extensive documents to register.
  • The transactions start between 5 to 7 days.
  • It supports all major CMS systems.
  • It has mobile integration app in android, windows, and ios.

Charges & Fess

  • It charges the changeable amount of annual maintenance fees.
  • The transaction fee per transaction is:

0.75% below Rs. 2000

1% above Rs. 2000

3.90% on credit cards

3.90% on Cash cards

3.90% on PayUmoney


PayUbiz is one of the best payment gateways in India for large as well as small business enterprises. It provides Coupons and vouchers up to Rs.500 and more to its customers.

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9. Atom

A provider of over 100 payment options, 15 million+ transactions, ATOM payment gateway service provider is promoted by the reputed FT Group. It has developed a strong base of more than 4500+ customers all over the country as it offers secure payment policies.


  • It doesn’t support international payments.
  • It supports domestic credit cards such as Diners, JCB, Amex, Discover, and so on.
  • It doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees.
  • Go to the contact us page to connect with the ATOM service provider as their telephone number doesn’t work well.
  • It requires very little documentation.
  • It supports the most popular CMS systems such as Magento, WooCommerce, and s0 on.
  • It has mobile app integration in android.

Charges & Fess

  • It charges a 2.1% transaction fee on credit cards.
  • It charges 0.75% on debit cards if the amount is less than Rs. 2000.
  • If the transaction on a debit card is more than Rs.2000 then it charges 1% per transaction.
  • The annual maintenance fee is free for the first year however you need to pay an amount of Rs. 2400 second year onwards.


The best part about the ATOM payment gateway service is that you don’t have to pay any annual maintenance fee for the first year of use. It rewards its customers by a Refer a friend offer through which its customer can earn a decent amount by referring and also provides promo codes for discounts in purchasing products online.

10. Skrill

SKRILL is a payment gateway service that has successfully rendered its service in over 40 countries. It is considered the most secure service provider on the global platform.  It lets you open a free account and even offers to converse your money into cryptocurrency instantly


  • It provides 24*7 customer support.
  • It has no transfer limit.
  • You can send money by just mail address.
  • It follows a very simple process and is user friendly.
  • Requires minimum documents to register in Skrill.
  • You can receive funds in 2-5 working days.

Charges & Fess

It charges 1.9% per transaction.

It charges a 3.99% conversion fee.

It charges up to 7.5% withdrawal fee as:

  • Free bank transfer
  •   ACH: 6%
  •    Credit card: 2.9%
  •  Pay Safe card: 7.5%


Skrill has provided an unbeatable freedom platform to its customers as it provides no maximum or minimum transfer limit. Skrill has come up with the idea of offering exclusive service to its customers with the help of the ‘Become VIP and get refer a friend $100 bonus’ offer. Register now to grab the deal!

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