Birthday Decoration at Home With Balloons

By | May 7, 2023
Birthday Party Decorations at Home

Birthday party at home instantly remind us of balloon decoration, a room full of balloons of different shapes, sizes, and colours. They add charm to parties, make it fun and are a source of playing for everyone no matter what our age is.

Balloons are the cheapest way to decorate your home and the most decent and loved one. They are an instant source of happiness, one look at a balloon is enough to bring a smile on someone’s face. Surprise Planner excels in creating amazing balloon decoration for birthday party at home at a reasonable price.

There are a variety of ways and style in which it decorates and converts a simple place into a surreal one. Here are some of the ways of Birthday Party Decorations at Home.

15 Simple Birthday party decoration ideas at home:

Balloon Flower Decoration:

Flowers are loved by all and so are balloons! How about your sweet home filled with flowers made with balloons? This decoration is eye-pleaser and is loved by all. All you got to do is take five balloons of the same colour to create petals and one with a different colour for the middle part.

To make the stick, you will need some stick balloons. Blow these, join and your flower is ready. You may use little flower pots and fill them with frills and add these balloon flowers to them. If you have been wondering lately about how to make balloon decoration for birthday party at home, this style will be loved by all!

You may either put these balloon flowers in the corner of your house or may create a bow at the entrance. The flowers can be of the same colour or different depending on your choice. Surprise Planner makes sure that this decoration looks amazing.

We excel in creating a flower garden for your kiddos and even for you. There are different themes of this decoration including jungle theme and garden theme. This theme can also be used to make your kids learn while they play. So, if you wish to have a birthday party at home, try something new apart from the regular balloon decoration.

Glow in the Dark Balloon Decoration:

If you have been thinking about doing a balloon decoration in some different way, you may try glow in the dark balloon decoration. This is a simple decoration for birthday party at home, all you need to do is arrange for some colourful LED balloons and there you go!

This decoration is best for those who like to party in dark and love glowing things. These days LED balloons are easily available in the market both online and offline. To make the process simple, let Surprise Planner do simple decoration for birthday party at home, and you will surely love it.

This decoration when done appropriately looks unmistakeably breath-taking but when done wrong can destroy your party mood. Surprise Planner does everything for you, all you got to do is sit back and enjoy.

Fruity Touch Balloon Decoration:

Does your child love fruit? Is it his birthday? Surprise him by decorating your home with fruits made with balloons. While a collection of green balloons arranged as a bunch will represent grapes, you may add handcrafted leaves to it using green paper sheets. Similarly, to showcase orange, take an orange balloon and add leaves to it. Hang all these balloons on a rope above and it will make your child jump with joy!

Surprise Planner excels in doing this decoration, with little fruits hanging and surrounded by many of them, it will turn your home into a fruit garden. For one day enjoy what it is to be living surrounding by fruits by opting for fruity touch balloon decoration.

Colourful Balloon Decoration

This decoration is all about filling your surroundings with colours. Blow balloons of different colours and shapes and just fit these where ever you can but of course in a presentable way. You may either tie these together with a rope or simply stick each on the wall, yet other way is scattering them around on the floor.

This type of balloon decoration includes decoration done with several colourful balloons spread across the room in different ways. This is the most common way of decoration that is used by everyone.

Colour Combination Balloon Decoration

When it comes to balloon decoration, colour combination adds a theme to it. Have you seen birthday parties which have been decorated with balloons in two or four colours? Doing decoration this way gives the normal decoration a new appearance. You may choose any combination of colours as per your liking.

To be able to make a perfect colour combination is what this balloon decoration is all about.

Single Colour Balloon Decoration

If it is for a boy, you may choose a blue colour theme and decorate the entire home with blue balloons, if it is for a girl, you may go for pink. Yet other famous single colour decoration includes red colour balloon decoration for valentine’s day and so on.

You may choose the combination according to your will and make bundles as per the arrangement requirement or may contact Surprise Planner team to help you do it. Even if you are using a single colour, utilizing its variations can make your home look noteworthy and the decoration worth remembering.

Sketched Balloon Decoration

We have been writing on balloons since our childhood for fun, haven’t we? Sketched balloon decoration is all about decorating balloons by writing or drawing something on them and making them fun. Once you are done, you may use them to decorate the room as you want to. For example, if it is your son’s birthday, you may write each alphabet of his name on a single balloon and stick them on the wall completing his name.

The written balloon decoration style is fun, all you got to do is to play with what you are creating. Surprise Planner gives you different ideas and creates a decoration which is worth cherishing. Not only words but the team creates drawings and little miniatures that go with your current mood, season, and the birthday person’s liking.

Toffee Balloon Decoration

Haven’t we all waited as a child for the balloon filled with toffees to burst so that we can all have them? Toffee balloon decoration is all about hanging balloons filled with toffees. Once the decoration is done, you can even play a game by asking kids to guess the number of toffees in a balloon by giving them prior options, and if they select right, they get it all. So, are you ready to have some toffee balloon decoration?

Toffee balloon decoration is amusing, to make it more interesting, the balloons can itself be designed as toffees and hung. At Surprise Planner , we create an amazing setup, where you along with your family and friends can enjoy the party.

Balloon Wreath Decoration

Surprise Planner has unique ways of decorating your home, we make sure that the entire decoration is done according to your taste. People are unique and so are our decoration styles. Balloon wreath decoration is a beautiful ring made with unblown balloons which can be hung anywhere, either on the main gate or anywhere you think it would look beautiful. 

Created with utmost care, these balloon wreaths are beautiful to look at and add an instant touch of elegance to your home. It is indeed a decoration for birthday party at home.

Emoji Balloon Decoration

Who doesn’t like using emojis? We are all used to using them in our daily lives, aren’t we? This is a fun-filled decoration, a simple decoration for birthday party at home and yet most enjoyable and pleasant. All you need is yellow balloons, a red and black marker, that’s it! Start drawing different smiley on yellow balloons and fill your home with all the emotions one can have.

Imagine what it will be like to be surrounded by all different emojis, wouldn’t it be fun to see the place filled with different emotions altogether. Scatter the place with these and have fun!

Balloon Photo Frame Decoration

Select the balloons of your choice, tie them with a thread and stick them on the wall in the shape of a vertical rectangle, your photo frame is ready! You can create your photo frame in whichever colour you like. You may either use limited balloons or may use many to give it a heavy look.

If you wish to have a designer photo frame, you may make flowers or any design of your choice and assemble it in the shape of a photo frame.  Photo frames are usually loved in birthday parties as everyone gets a place where they can get beautiful pictures clicked.

Surprise Planner creates beautiful photo frames in your home giving it an instant amazing look and bringing cheer on everybody’s faces. Light on the pocket, this type of decoration is a very simple way to have a great party environment.  It is one of the easiest and best decoration for birthday party at home.

Shamrock Balloon Decoration

If you are looking for a balloon decoration to give your home an elegant look, then you may try this type of decoration. To create this type of balloon decoration, you will need heart shaped balloons. Take three balloons, fill them with air and tie them together. Make as many sets as you want to decorate your home with.

These little bundles of joy are pleasant to look at and make the entire setting look attractive and appealing. Easy to create, Surprise Planner team with its exceptional touch makes this simple decoration look best decoration for birthday party at home.

Helium Balloon Decoration

Helium balloon decoration is for those who like floating balloons. If you are throwing a party at home, this balloon decoration can be done indoors. While decorating for a party, keep in mind what it is that you wish to convey.

If you want the birthday person to remember some old moments or you want to raise a toast to his glorious years of life, you may use his/her pictures and attach it to the balloons with a string. If the birthday party is for a kid, then you put attach stars to the helium-filled balloons with satin laces so when your kid will look above, he will see hanging stars.

You may also hang tiny notes with heartfelt messages to make the birthday person feel special. This decoration looks prettiest and is amazingly outstanding.

Polka Dot Balloon Decoration

Polka dot balloons are liked by all, these huge balloons with dots give a very soothing and pleasant sight to the onlookers. Decorate your home with these balloons and surely all the visitors will be awed by it. To make a simple decoration for birthday party at home even more interesting, they will make your every wish come true.

Sparkle Filled Balloon Decoration

Normally balloon decoration consists of colourful balloons, to give your birthday party decoration a unique touch, you may try sparkle filled balloons. These are transparent balloons filled with colourful thermocol balls or sparkle to make them look surreal. These balloons appear exceptionally lovely and have a calming factor which is why they are loved by kids.

Floating Balloon Decoration

simple decoration for birthday party at home can be done by inflating balloons with a glow stick in them and then making them float in the pool.  Pool party is one of the favourite ways of people to have fun taking break from their routine life. Having floating glowing balloons is like a cherry on the top. This decoration is not only for houses with pools but can also be done otherwise by using inflatable pools. So, are you ready to enjoy it all at the comfort of your own home

Ice Cream Balloon Decoration

How about a decoration in which you see ice creams hanging all around your home? Say goodbye to the normal and monotonous balloon decoration and Hi to lovely ice cream balloon decoration. Take light coloured balloons which resemble the colour of ice creams, now make paper cones and add to these once your cones are ready to be hung or use helium gas if you wish to see floating ice creams in your room. This type of decoration is not only simple but also unique and rare.

Ice cream lovers will definitely love this decoration and the kids will enjoy it thoroughly.

Sparkling Balloon Decoration

Balloon decoration is loved by all, especially kids in the house. To make this decoration merrier, take balloons, dip them in diluted fevicol and sprinkle sparkle on it. Your sparkling balloon is ready. Create as many balloons as you want and fill your little one’s room with sparkling balloons. Sparkle is a magic factor a pinch of it can make ordinary things look extraordinary.

Surprise Planner helps in creating an unforgettable experience by putting in its experience and creative edge at work. Birthdays are important and to make them memorable, we leave no stone unturned in managing it exactly how you wish it to be. Sparkling balloon decoration is one of the simple decorations for birthday party at home.

Some Traditional Ways of Balloon Decoration

Balloon decoration has been happening since years, it is the most common and pocket-friendly form of decoration. There are some ways of decorating your home for various occasions using these which have been taking place for years. Here are some of the traditional ways of balloon decoration which you will instantly recognize. While decorating on your own is easy, at the same time it is very time consuming. Surprise Planner helps you in saving your time by taking this burden on our shoulders.

A team of professionals, Surprise Planner will give you an extraordinary experience of partying at home. With all things in place right on time, the team always remains on its toes to fulfil your wishes.

Garland Style Balloon Decoration

This type of decoration requires balloons and a thread. Blow balloons of different shapes and colours as per your choice, once you do, tie them all with a thread. When you will hold it now, it will appear like a garland. You may use this piece to decorate your wall, entrance, inner rooms of your house or any place which you see as appropriate.

Arch Style Balloon Decoration

In this type of traditional balloon decoration, all the balloons are tied together with the help of a thread and placed in the form of an arch mostly over the entrance. However, you may also place it at different locations of your house. The colours of the balloon may be selected according to the theme, when done right, these arches appear very beautiful and spectacular.

Wall with Balloons

This decoration style is simple to do, what you got to do is select a wall and fill it with balloons. You may select all types of balloons including different shapes, sizes, and colours as per your choice. For a change, this balloon wall in your house will surely pleasantly give you a high. If you have been busy lately and arranging the birthday party in a hurry, no worries, just contact us and we will make sure that the decoration is done right and on time.

Return gifts with Balloons

Just imagine a corner in your house where gifts are kept with helium balloons attached to it, wouldn’t it be a beautiful sight? Well, if you are organizing a kid’s party, you may add a balloon to the return gifts. Why? Because kids love balloons and in addition to that this setting will act as a way of decoration for your home.

Glow Stick Balloons

Glow stick balloons are balloons in which glow sticks are inserted so that they glow in dim light or darkness. Take balloons, add glow sticks to them and fill them with helium gas. When you will switch off the lights, you will see a glowing sky in your home. To be celebrating your birthday like this will surely live you spellbound and with a lot of pleasant memories.

Some tips while decorating your home for a birthday party:

  • If you wish your decoration to look perfect, make sure your balloons are of the same size.
  • In case you are using helium-filled balloons, remember that they last only 8 to 9 hours long.
  • Avoid tying balloons at the back of chairs, it might make the setting uncomfortable for someone passing by.
  • Buy good quality of balloons, if you wish to have fewer bursts.
  • If you are putting balloons on a table, make sure that they aren’t high enough and people can see each other’s faces.
  • Take help from someone, doing it all alone will only leave you tiresome.
  • If you are sticking balloons, stick them properly and make sure that they are not heavy or else they might fall sooner than you think.
  • Avoid overfilling your room with balloons, let there be some fresh air.
  • Avoid putting balloons near hot surfaces.

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So, having gone through “How to Make Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party at Home?”, are you ready to get your home decorated for the most-awaited birthday party of your loved one? No celebration is like the one celebrated at home with your loved ones, surrounded by love and warmth. Surprise Planner takes care of all the preparation letting you spend quality time with each other because we understand that the best gift you can give someone is your time. So, let the party begin!

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