.Com Vs .Net – Which Domain Extension Is Best For You In 2023?

By | April 1, 2023
Com Vs .Net is Best Domain Extension

Hello friends, I hope you are doing good. When you think about starting a blog or website then the first step that comes is buying a domain name with an extension. .com vs .net are both popular domain extensions but you are confusing which domain name is best for your blog or your business?

Choosing a domain name is a very important part of your blog and for your business because of its impact on your branding, blog, and also effect on your SEO [ Search Engine Optimization ] rankings.


Here are many questions asked by the user that which domain name is best for them com or net but when I search on many platforms then I found that .com is used by near half of the users and this is 15x more than .net.

But this way of any buyer is wrong because we should buy domain names according to our business and our blog category.

So, in this article, I will share my experience with some tips that which domain extension [ com vs net ] is best for you.

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What Is .Com Vs .Net Domain Extension?

so, first I want to clear a query from your mind that what are .com and .net difference and for what they are used.

First, you should know before choosing an extension from .com or .net what are domain names. Here is a short paragraph that will help you in knowing what a domain name is?

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your website address which helps a user in access your website. For example website name + extension is a domain name like [ lokeshpareek.com ].

I think this query is clear from your mind. Now, you can buy a domain name in many extensions like-





Each domain extension are used for different purposes like xyz.org used for organization.

you can choose any domain extension for your website.

All domain extension is used for different types of websites and they make a difference between background.

You should choose a domain extension that is best and suitable for your business.

what is .com extension?

.com extension is the most popular and commonly used domain extension. .com domain extension represents commercial websites. Commercial means for money purposes where people drive traffic and make money by monetizing their site or blog.

.com domain extension is the most selling domain extension. On the internet, more than 40% of domains are registered on the .com extension.

This domain name is easy to speak because of its popularity.

My website is also connected with the .com domain name extension because this is a blog and the purpose of this website is sharing knowledge and making money.

What is the .net domain extension?

.net domain extension represents the network and where the main purpose of websites having .net domain extension is providing internet and network services.

.net domain extension is registered by near 4% of users which is approx 10 times less than .com domain extension.

.net is commonly used by sites like internet service providers, hosting providers, network and communication sites Etc.

Now we come back to our topic and I will show you what is the difference between .com vs .net and which extension is best for your business.

Which Domain Extension Is Best For You? –.Com Vs .Net

you are here because you are going to buy a domain name but you confuse between .net and .com domain extension.

so here I will clear you all query why you should choose .com or .net, which domain extension is best for you? and what is the difference between com or net?

let’s start!

So, first, we talk about the .com extension.

Why You Should Choose .Com Over .Net Extension?

You know that more than 40% of website domains are registered on the .com domain extension. it makes it easier to remember a user or a common person to easily access your website content directly.

This extension helps you in your branding because of its popularity and your website address is also familiar to your user easily.

but the main problem in the .com extension is the perfect name is not easily available because near half of the domains are registered on the .com extension.

so below I will also show you some tips on how you can choose the best domain name?

Use Of .Com Extension:

  • you can use .com if your purpose is money-making.
  • you can use .com for your blog like me [ lokeshpareek.com ].
  • you can use .com for your company website like [ google.com, amazon.com, Etc. ].

Why You Should Choose .Net?

Use of .net extension-

  • Internet networking service provider.
  • Hosting provider services.
  • Telecom and communication companies,
  • Networking website [ sarsobiz.net ]

.Com Vs .Net, Which Is Cheaper?

There is a little bit difference between the price of .com and .net.

If you can search for buying a domain name on any registrar then you found that .com domain name price is always higher than .net.

But Why.Com Price Is High?

.com domain name is very popular and if demand increase then prices automatically increase.

so in this pic here is a difference between both domain extension prices.

But this difference makes a big problem for a buyer who did not know the difference between .com and .net. buyer goes with .net sometimes because of its price and this is different from its category.

Which Is Suitable For Search Engine Optimization .Com Vs .Net?

SEO is the main source of traffic for a website that comes from Google or any other search engine. Many of the buyers or users ignore this parameter when they buying a domain name.

After reading many articles and research I found that nothing matter which extension you have .com or .net or any other matter is that your content. In today’s time content is the only king. We can rank on the basis of our content and nothing else.

But we can not change the thinking of our users. If someone searches on google and found 2 results one website have.com and one has a .net extension. The maximum chance of clicking by the user on the website is .com not on .net.

In this way domain extension Impacts, your search engine rankings, and SEO.

Before buying a domain name you should care about these points.

Tips To Buy The Best Domain Name:

If you want to start your business online and want to start a blog then choosing a domain name is the first step and at the time of buying a domain name, you should have some knowledge and also care some tips.

So let’s talk about them.

  • Before choosing a domain name you should check the best domain registrar and their services. I suggest GoDaddy.
  • Select a domain name matching your niche if you are buying for a blog. For example; You are going to start a blog on tech than you should select a domain name that has tech word [ Techxyz.com ]
  • Don’t buy a domain name similar to a brand or company or any existing blog. [ like – philipsxyz.com ]
  • Buy an easy spell domain name.
  • Try to find a short and unique name.

so these are the points that are very important you should check before buying a domain name.

Where To Buy A .Com Or .Net Domain?

So, last I want to share how you can buy a domain in a simple process. To buy a domain you need the best domain registrar. Below I listed the top 5 domain name registrar.

so these are the top and most popular domain registrar of the year but I suggest you should go for Godaddy. According to my experience in my outlook, Godaddy Is best for domain purchasing.

The first step is to search the Godaddy [ Registrar company ] on Google. Click on the First link.


Type the domain name which you want to buy.


Choose domain name extension [ .com, .net, .org ].

Click the add to cart button.


Click no thanks in option [ Linux Webhosting,  Privacy, and business email ]

Then click the continue to cart button

Then complete your purchase and billing.


After billing or payment, your selected domain name is added to your product.

By using this method you can buy a domain name very easily.

Technicaldudes’ Opinion On .Com Vs .Net Extension?

I am a blogger and according to my experience if you going to start a blog for your company and a personal blog then choosing a domain name is a very important part. Most of the beginners ignore this step and take it in light.

But if you want a better future for your blog then your starting should be the best. So please do careful while choosing a domain name.

I preferred you should go with a .com domain extension because this extension is very popular and it is very familiar with all types of audiences.

If your selected domain in .com extension taken by any other than you want to change your name instead of changing the extension in place of .com

I hope after reading this post your all query will also clear which domain extension is best .com vs .net. I wish you will get the best domain for your blog.

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