5 Best Email Marketing Tools and Services of 2023

By | April 1, 2023
Email Marketing Tools and Services

The Internet has provided many ways for marketers to promote their products. One of the most used tools for online promotions is an email marketing tool.

Email marketing has been a buzz among marketers because of its wide range, authenticity, and profitability. It is why Email Marketing Tools are useful for any business.

It offers a variety of tools that marketers use to create, test, send, report, optimize their email campaigns.

What is the Biggest Benefit of Email Marketing Tools?

Email Marketing Tools provide the facility of subject line generator or inbox placement testing tool.

Like the other platforms for promotion, email marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. It can be considered as a reliable method only when used rationally only and in the right manner.

Why You Should Choose An Email Marketing Tool?

It is highly effective in reaching the audience. It is a powerful method of communication too. It does all this through valuable and targeted channels.

Making money has also become easy through email marketing as it has created space to promote apps, communicate, and adds considerable value to what you have to offer.

In the past few years, it has created a considerable impact on the success of marketing strategies and campaigns. This has been due to the personalized contact with customers and highly engaging newsletters.

Email marketing makes your work easy by giving high automation tools.

“Email marketing tools” are generally used for designing and building emails, send them, and optimizing them. Later other metrics are used to measure email and generate email reports.

Benefits Of Best Email Marketing Tools:

Businesses nowadays want to extract the maximum out of the expenditure they put into marketing. They have to generate leads and keep the existing customers engaged.

They try to maximize the results in a very cost-effective manner. Email marketing has provided all this and other considerable benefits.

  • Email Marketing Tools Have High visibility:
    Each and every person checks out the email twice or thrice a day. This means the content sent through mails has a higher rate of visibility than any other means of communication. Especially for small businesses, it becomes easy to get in front of the audience on a regular basis.
  • Cost-effective Than Traditional Tactics:
    Mail and print media cost a huge sum of money but email marketing is relatively very cheap. A small investment can get you started and revenues can be generated easily. The management and operations cost is also quite low.
  • Automation of the Sales Cycle:
    Email marketing allows you to generate sales through drip campaigns. The emails can be automatically sent and even at a pre-scheduled time. Action emails can also be sent to increase sales.

There are many other advantages of email marketing tools such as as-

  1. increase in the traffic on a website,
  2. Tracking and analytical convenience,
  3. Strengthened relationships with customers,
  4. Personalized contact targeting etc. Know More Benefits of Email Marketing Tools.

 What Are Best Email Marketing Tools?

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1. Drip Email Marketing Tool:

Drip email marketing tool

Drip is an email marketing tool that is easy to use and more importantly integrates with almost all popular website builders. Such as WordPress and Woo-commerce. It is a powerful tool and is used by many stakeholders.

E-commerce websites, bloggers, and digital marketers are the major users of the Drip Email Marketing tool. It offers a wide variety of tools especially in the area of marketing personalization and automation.

Drip is a highly used tool as it allows its users to send bulk emails. It also lets you engage and connect with every customer with the help of smart eCommerce marketing automation.

It makes it highly convenient to add sign-up forms to your website and enables you to capture more leads ultimately increasing your profits.

Other unique features of drip marketing include smart email segmenting, intelligent marketing automation tools, a visual workflow builder, and a listing of groups.

You will be able to reach the targeted customers on your email. List and raise your sales count. Support options at drip encompass live chat support, automation training, webinars, detailed courses, free guides, and documentation.

Drip is definitely the best email marketing software when used by eCommerce websites, business owners, and especially for those who are looking for advanced features.

Price chart:

Drip email marketing tool price

Forever-free up to 100 contacts. Pricing is based on the number of subscribers.
Basic subscription (2,500 subscribers) $49/month or $41/month when paid annually
Pro subscription (5000 subscribers) $99/month or $83/month when paid annually

2. Mailchimp Email Marketing Tool:

mailchimp email marketing tool

Mailchimp is a cloud-based email management tool. It is one of the most popular ones. This is because of the forever free email marketing service plan it offers.

It offers many automation tools some of them are spam filter diagnostics and easy email builders. It allows the segmenting of contacts into groups and simple tracking for analytics.

It has autoresponder features too. It integrates with many platforms. Some being WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and others. It is valuable for both, small startups as well as large enterprises.

The support options of mail chimp include email, live chat, large tutorials, and a knowledge base.

The distinguishing features of Mailchimp include personalization of emails by filling in names and sending emails to correct rime zones.

It enables the sending of email newsletters, drip email campaigns, and transactional emails. Various landing pages and forms will help you boost your promotions by gathering new subscribers.

The drag and drop email designer is perfect to create your own email designs. You can easily send emails, manage lists, and track the stats with Android and IOS apps.

You can even send automated drip and transactional emails as follow-ups. It also gives advanced analytics for the entire email lists along with individual open data for each subscriber.

Price chart:

mailchimp email marketing tool price

5,000 $0.03 $150
10,000 $0.02 $200
50,000 $0.02 $1000
75,000 $0.02 $1500

3. Aweber Email Marketing Tool:

aweber email marketing tool

Aweber is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing services. It has created a wide range of tools that help both small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

It offers ready to use email templates and list management services. With the help of autoresponders and email tracking, you can easily have detailed insights about your campaigns.

It is the finest email marketing tool provider to help you grow by way of sending effective emails. It has superior quality autoresponders with a variety of features.

Customer engagement and interaction and improved seamlessly through its use. Its customer support is commendable. There are regular live webinars that offer instructions and training about the use of this email marketing tool.

Managing contact becomes highly effective and flexible. There are substantial integration options available like WordPress.

Visually attractive campaigns could be created and made a success with Aweber that too effortlessly. It even offers a personalized subscriber list.

Price chart:

aweber email marketing tool price

AWeber Pricing based on list size (unlimited emails included) Tariff
500 users $19 a month
2,500 users $29 a month
5,000 users $49 a month
10,000 users $69 a month
25,000 users $149 a month
50,000 users $239 a month
100,000 users $369 a month

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4. Getresponse Email Marketing Tool:

GetResponse email marketing tool

Get Response is an email marketing tool suitable mainly for small businesses. It is easy to use and hence small businesses can have a simplified way of using email marketing.

The autoresponders help to send bulk emails and in a scheduled manner. It allows creating creative and attractive newsletters too. With the use of drag and drop builder, it becomes highly effective.

Creating campaigns, segmenting contacts, a specific group targeting in contacts is all easy with Getresponse.

Boosting profits is the main motive behind the use of any email marketing campaign and Getresponse can just help you straight with that.

The amazing marketing automation tools help to create campaigns that are smart and automated.

Its characteristics include beautiful landing pages, responsive forms, tracking, and A/B testing, etc. It also integrates with third-party lead generation software.

Much like Optin Monster, Salesforce, Google Docs, ZenDesk, etc.  The customer support of Getresponse includes live chat, email, phone, webinars, and how-to guides.

Price chart:

Getresponse email marketing tool price

Price based on list size (unlimited emails included) Email Pro Max
1,000 users $15 / month $49 / month $99 / month
2,500 users $25 / month $59 / month $119 / month
5,000 users $45 / month $79 / month $139 / month
10,000 users $65 / month $95 / month $165 / month
25,000 users $145 / month $165 / month $255 / month
50,000 users $250 / month $299 / month $370 / month
100,000 users $450 / month $499 / month $580 / month

5. HubSpot Email Marketing:

Hubspot email marketing tool

Build with the aim of taking care of the needs of small businesses, HubSpot is a popular tool of email marketing. You can do a lot more things with HubSpot than many other tools and service providers.

You can attract visitors, close customers, and generate high quality leads from this platform. Creating new emails is very convenient.

It allows us to navigate through the various emails that had been sent, scheduled, archived, or drafted.

There are filters available to segregate email types and campaigns. If you want to create HTML emails, that is possible with HubSpot along with other Hubspot templates.

Emails are automatically made mobile friendly with Hubspot. You can create various marketing attests such as blogs, websites, and landing pages. It uses workflows to automate the contact process.

The contact is segmented on the basis of the data and information collected. This helps the marketer to make sure that no spam messages reach the audience.

You can even schedule messages for one year in advance thus giving you a good level of flexibility.

All this helps to create a quality audience that boosts up the sales. Hubspot has a unique feature where you can create custom data points for super targeted messages.

This makes the content is personalized enough for the audience to pay attention to.

Price chart:

Marketing Hub Starter $50/month with 1K contacts included

Additional contacts start at $50/month per 1K

See the table below for detailed pricing

Sales Hub Professional $800/month with 5 paid users included

$100/month for each additional paid user


There are numerous benefits of using an email marketing tool or service. They can considerably reduce the human effort and increase efficiency to higher levels.

What happens to be a matter of concern is the choice of email marketing tools to be used. As there are many available and there is strong competition among them it becomes a difficult task.

The factors to be kept in mind are the customization options, features of the tool, flexibility, past performance reviews, marketing efficiency, etc. Cost also is an important factor when making a choice. Making value for money spent is important.

What is more crucial to take care of is the need. What exactly is the purpose of using an email marketing tool, who are the target audience, and what is the product, are major questions that need to be answered before choosing one.

Aweber and drip marketing are among the top-performing email marketing tools and are generally preferred. Others can be considered in case of specific needs and the features that those tools offer.

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