Good Friday Wishes in Hindi 2023 | गुड फ्राइडे की शुभकामनाएं

By | April 4, 2023
Good Friday Wishes in Hindi

good friday wishes in hindi: Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday or Black Friday, is observed by Christians around the world on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary. On this day, Christians reflect on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus and the significance of his death for the salvation of humanity. It is a solemn occasion marked by prayer, fasting, and reflection.

As we observe Good Friday, it is customary to extend our wishes to our friends, family, and loved ones. It is a way to express our solidarity with them and our shared belief in the message of hope and redemption that Good Friday represents. In this article, we will provide some examples of Good Friday wishes in Hindi that you can use to convey your greetings and well wishes.

  1. ईश्वर की कृपा आपके ऊपर सदा बनी रहे। गुड फ्राइडे की शुभकामनाएं।

Translation: May the grace of God always be upon you. Good Friday wishes to you.

  1. इस गुड फ्राइडे पर, हम आपके लिए भगवान से प्रार्थना करते हैं कि वह आपको सुख और शांति प्रदान करे।

Translation: On this Good Friday, we pray to God to bless you with happiness and peace.

  1. ईसा मसीह के त्याग और बलिदान को याद करते हुए, इस गुड फ्राइडे पर हम आपको सद्बुद्धि और धैर्य की कामना करते हैं।

Translation: Remembering the sacrifice and martyrdom of Jesus Christ, we wish you wisdom and courage on this Good Friday.

  1. गुड फ्राइडे पर हमें याद रखना चाहिए कि ईसा मसीह हमारे लिए बलिदान दे गए थे। हमें उनके उपदेशों का अनुसरण करना चाहिए।

Translation: On Good Friday, we must remember that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for us. We must follow his teachings.

  1. ईसा मसीह ने हमें प्यार और दया का संदेश दिया। इस गुड फ्राइडे पर, हम उनके उपदेशों का पालन करने की कामना करते हैं।

Translation: Jesus Christ taught us the message of love and compassion. On this Good Friday, we wish to follow his teachings.

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