Top 10 Places to Eat Rajasthani Food in Jaipur

By | July 25, 2023
Top Places to Eat Rajasthani Food in Jaipur

If you are in the pink city of Rajasthan and are already wonderstruck by the pink architecture and vibrant handicrafts, then you cannot miss out on the best part of Rajasthan- its food. Rajasthani Food is a perfect blend of aromatic spices, exotic flavours, regionally grown spices, and savoury taste. Rajasthan is known for its wide range of culinary fare that one cannot miss to explore while visiting the state. If you are looking for the luxurious and best places to eat Rajasthani food in Jaipur, then you have come to the right place as we are here to take you to the top ten places that dish out authentic and savoury Rajasthani cuisines in Jaipur:

Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

An epitome of authentic Rajasthani experience, Chokhi Dhani is a top name as the best Rajasthani Restaurant in Jaipur when it comes to offering a wagon of Rajasthani delicacies with warm royal hospitality. Chokhi Dhani harbours a cosy round-shaped restaurant, Bindola Restaurant, that serves a wide range of Rajasthani food as well as other cuisines. Apart from that, you can enjoy delicious Rajasthani food while indulging in live traditional Rajasthani art performances and ghazal music at the Aarrogosa Restaurant of Chokhi Dhani. Apart from that, it also has Gorbandh, an Open Air Dining restaurant that serves mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisines.

This place is known as one of the best places to eat Rajasthani Thali in Jaipur as they serve colourful Thalis that are sure to increase your appetite with aromatic ghee-based delicacies. The restaurants are famous for their traditional, royal and Sit-down style dining experience that will take you to the rustic and vibrant culture of Rajasthan.

Suvarna Mahal:

When we talk about a luxurious and fine dining experience, then Suvarna Mahal at the Rambagh Palace Hotel is worth exploring. It is one of the famous places to eat in Jaipur because of its Victorian interiors, opulent tapestry, Florentine ceiling, and silverware that stands true to its royal vibe. You will be sure to get a fine royal dining experience here with an authentic Rajasthani food menu which is complimented by live classical music, which is quite reflective of the tasteful lifestyle of a king.

Rawat Misthan Bhandar, Jaipur

Wondering what is famous in Jaipur for eating? Well, you can surely munch on the delicious Kachoris of Rawat Misthan Bhandar that are available in a variety of flavours and styles. This place has some of the most famous sweets and snacks that you cannot miss to indulge such as Ghewar, Mirchi Vada, the famous Mava Kachori, Lasi, Onion Kachori, and the list goes on and on. So if you are craving some sweets and snacks, then head towards Rawat Misthan Bhandar.

1135 AD:

No, we are not talking about the era but an award-winning restaurant that is known for its authentic food, gold enamelled walls, and scenic outdoor seating, which takes you to the era of Rajas and Maharajas. Located in Amer Fort in Jaipur, this place offers scrumptious and authentic cuisines such as Paneer Lababdar, Lal Maas, Chicken Tikka, Amber Gosht, and more.

Surya Mahal:

Rajasthan is known for its tasty varieties of vegetarian cuisines, and Surya Mahal is the best Rajasthani Restaurant in Jaipur that offers savoury vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine for an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant is famous for its colourful thalis with tasty cuisine such as Gatte ki Sabji, Raita, Dal Makhani, Lassi, sweets and more.

Spice Court:

If you are looking for a quiet place with an authentic Rajasthani dining experience that you want to indulge with your family, then Spice Court is for you. It is known as one of the best Restaurants in Jaipur for family that offers lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes with indoor and outdoor dining arrangements. This restaurant offers extremely versatile dishes such as Laal Mass,  Keema Bhati, Malai Kofta, Junglee Mass, and more.

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A gourmet restaurant that is known for its experimental dishes, Cinnamon is a restaurant that is your calling if you want to taste and soak into the scrumptious meals and a regally decorated ambience. It sure is worth mentioning in the list of best Rajasthani Restaurant in Jaipur that is known for offering signature dishes from the core of Rajasthani cuisine.

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, Jaipur

A symbol of Satvik Rajasthani Bhojan, Laxmi Misthan Bhandar is a place that offers see the actual street food of Rajasthan, and that is why it is the haven of Rajasthani street food. It is one of the famous places to eat in Jaipur that offers a variety of must-try dishes such as Rajasthani Thali, Onion Kachori, Kadhai Paneer, Lassi, Chaat, and several other dishes dipped in the royal flavours of Rajasthan.

Shri Thaal Village, Jaipur

If you are nearby Vaishali Nagar and are searching for Rajasthani Restaurant Near Me on the net, then why not try out the best among the other options? Shri Thaali Village is a restaurant that is known for its warm and generous hospitality, offering several Rajasthani cuisines with sweet and spicy flavours. The restaurant has a village setup with a fort backdrop which gives a royal and luxurious dining experience.

Thali And More:

For the Thali lovers out there, Thali And More is one of the best places to eat Rajasthani Thali in Jaipur, as the restaurant serves mouth-watering and aromatic cuisines of Rajasthan. From delicious curries to delightful sweets, the Rajasthani Thali here has it all to take you to the indigenous grandeur of Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is a state that is overloaded with versatile culinary awesomeness that is sure to give you a soul-fulfilling experience. If you are a foodie or a connoisseur, Rajasthan is a place where you can try different cuisines while dwelling in the opulent heritage of the state. So while you are in the “Land of the Kings”, enjoy your meals and taste the royal and authentic cuisines at the best places to eat Rajasthani food in Jaipur that we have mentioned here!

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Where to eat Rajasthani thali in Jaipur?

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur is one of the best places to eat Rajasthani Thali in Jaipur. That serves several authentic Rajasthani dishes such as Dal Baati Churma, Missi Roti, Lehsun ki Chutney, Gatte ki Sabji, Dal, Raita, and more cooked in desi Ghee.

What is the famous food of Rajasthan Jaipur?

The famous food of Rajasthan is the signature dish Dal Baati Churma. The dish includes Dal (yellow lentil Curry), Baati (wheat-baked bread) and  Churma ( a sweet dish made of wheat).

What is the food culture of Jaipur?

Jaipur is known for its famous sweet and savoury flavours with signature dishes such as Besan ka Gatta, Chakke ki Sabji, Mohan Thal, Mishri Mawa, Ker Sangri, Rabri, Mawa Kachori, and more.

What is a famous Thali in Rajasthani?

Rajasthani Thali is a perfect combination of a variety of Rajasthani food that includes dishes such as Dal Baati Churma, Panchkuta, Malpua, Gatte ki Sabji, Dahi Vada, Green Moong Khichdi, Raita, Lehsun ki Chutney, Missi roti, Bajre ri Roti, and more.

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