who invited babur to invade india?

By | April 4, 2023
who invited babur to invade india

Question – Who invited Babur to invade India?

A). Dilawar Khan
B). Daulat Khan Lodhi
C). Alam Khan
D). Ibrahim Lodhi

Answer- (B) Daulat Khan Lodhi

In the period between 1520 between 1520 and 1524, Daulat Khan Lodhi fought to consolidate his position throughout central Punjab. This sparked more resentment by Ibrahim Lodhi. In order to impart Daulat Khan Lodhi lessons, Ibrahim Lodhi tried to take back Punjab. Daulat Khan Lodhi, worried by his security was able to send dilawar Khan, his child son to Kabul in order to ask Babur to assist in the overthrow of Ibrahim Lodhi. Accepting the request, Babur reached Lahore in 1524. In Lahore, he encountered the army from Ibrahim Lodhi under Behar Khan. The army tried to repress Babur but were defeated. Babur defeated Lahore, Dipalpur and Jalandhar.

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